Clearing the roof

31 01 2009
Out the window to clear the roof

Out the window to clear the roof

Wednesday brought yet another snow storm. Work closed at three o’clock so I was home in time to help with the snowblowing and to shovel the walk. The snow was wet during the whole storm and it turned into rain at the end. With so much snow we’ve been having trouble with ice damns and water coming in again this year even after a brand new roof was put on. After the last storm I had to chop away about three inches of ice in front of our dormer window to allow the water to drain off the roof instead finding its way inside.

After the snow turned to rain, I went out on the roof to clear off most of the snow so it wouldn’t hold the water and cause more problems once it started to melt. The ice damns made a decent ledge that I used to brace myself against while shoveling.

Soaked, but almost done

Soaked, but almost done

One additional benefit of cleaning off the roof is that we’ve had much less ice build up on our steps which is also nice. I do have to say that it was easier getting out and moving along the roof than it was getting back inside.

— Jared


Chocolates Too Good to Eat

25 01 2009


Our neighbors gave us these chocolates for feeding their cat while they were away for New Year’s. They were bought from a shop in Portsmouth, but are made in Portland, Oregon by a company called Moonstruck Chocolates. I had to take a picture of them before we ate them.

– Jared

Cardinal Out the Window

11 01 2009


Our next door neighbor faithfully keeps a bird feeder filled in our back yard and on New Year’s Day this cardinal kept visiting it. He always flew off while I was grabbing the camera, but on his third visit he perched on a branch near the feeder long enough to get a few shots of him. None of them are great, but I liked this one of him as he was taking off.

– Jared