Happy Birthday

11 01 2009


I tried making a German chocolate cake once and ever since we’ve bought them from a local bakery. This year I wanted to try a different bakery for my birthday, so the cake above came from Cafe Ciabatta. I’ve stopped there for croissants and danishes on my way to work, but have never had one of their cakes before. It was the best German chocolate cake I’ve had yet. Maybe someday I’ll try making another one.

Aside from the yummy cake, my birthday was fun and relaxing. Jenn announced my birthday in Relief Society so everyone was wishing me happy birthday in the halls and she also told the Primary Presidency where I was substitute teaching so they had me come up to the front and all the little kids sang to me. That was particularly fun because it was Tanner’s first Sunday in Sunbeams.

Finally Mike and Ariane came over to help us celebrate. One interesting side note was that Mike worked with the owners of Cafe Ciabatta at a previous job. Jenn made her great chili and I made sure to save plenty of room for dessert. 🙂

jareds-birthday-2 jareds-birthday-3

(And no, this was not my first birthday, but thirty was just too many to bother putting in the cake and there’s no guarantee I would have been able to blow them all out.)

– Jared