Cooper Maxwell Simms

21 07 2009

Cooper Maxwell Simms was born Monday, July 20th  at 5:56am. He weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz. and is 20 inches long. He has a full head of hair and it looks like he’s going to have dark eyes. He’s beautiful, healthy, has a healthy appetite and healthy lungs.

Jenn started having contractions at about 2:00am and we got to the hospital at around 5:00am. Jenn’s doctor arrived about five minutes before Cooper was born, much to the relief of three nervous looking nurses.

So far he sleeps soundly which will be important once he gets home with his older brothers. Grant  and Tanner are both impressed. They both liked holding and talking to him. Tanner even asked if he could give Cooper a crumb from his muffin.

Cooper Maxwell Simms 1

Cooper Maxwell Simms 2 Cooper Maxwell Simms 3 Cooper Maxwell Simms 4

Cooper Maxwell Simms 5 Cooper Maxwell Simms 6 Cooper Maxwell Simms 7

Cooper Maxwell Simms

— Jared




3 responses

21 07 2009
Mormor Silva Bramblett

Welcome, little one
It is so nice to have a baby again in the family. I am so sorry I can’t hold him but then that’s life. Jennifer, I saw Otti yesterday; Sue and I spent the day with her in her home. She is so excited about Maxwell and sent a message to keep trying until you have that girl. – Thank you for the pictures. – Modern technology is great even though I do not feel comfortable using all of it. Love all of you. Mormor and Grandpa and rest of family down-under.

22 07 2009
Ariane & Mike

Wow, Jen you look great! Are you sure you had the baby? Love the photo of Tanner “are you getting this photo op dad?”
Can’t wait to meet Cooper!

26 07 2009
Ken Perkes

He’s beautiful!!! MY THREE SONS [a sitcom long before your time, Jared]. How cool is that. Well, actually, I can tell you: it is DANG cool! CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!

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