Skating Lessons

15 03 2009

It’s been a busy month and a half since I posted last. Life isn’t showing any signs of quieting down, but this afternoon has been lovely and relaxing, so I’m grabbing the chance to post some photos that have been waiting.

Cute little hockey skates

These are pictures from Grant and Tanner’s skating lesson on Wednesday, February 18th. The boys had eight weeks of skating lessons and I got to go to the second to last. Grant was able to balance and skate quickly and by the end of the lesson on the 18th Tanner was able to skate for a little ways without an instructor helping him which made it an exciting day to watch.

ice-skating-lessons-3 ice-skating-lessons-2 ice-skating-lessons-5 ice-skating-lessons-6

ice-skating-lessons-7 ice-skating-lessons-8 ice-skating-lessons-9 ice-skating-lessons-10 ice-skating-lessons-11 ice-skating-lessons-12 ice-skating-lessons-13 ice-skating-lessons-14 ice-skating-lessons-15

– Jared




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