Baby’s Heartbeat

31 01 2009

On Friday we all went to Jenn’s checkup so we could listen to baby’s heartbeat. Tanner got to hold the speaker and baby was cooperative so we all got to listen. It’s a special experience to hear a baby’s heartbeat racing along. It isn’t really surprising, but even though Grant and Tanner know there is a baby growing inside their mum’s tummy, they didn’t seem to understand that we were hearing baby’s heartbeat. They did however get a kick out of hearing my heartbeat after they both turned down the doctor’s offer to use the microphone to listen to their hearts.

— Jared




2 responses

10 02 2009

I have great memories of hearing the baby’s heartbeat. Jen and I are very excited for you and your beautiful family! We love you guys! It was so great hearing Jenn’s laugh in church!

Enjoy this special time. It will pass so swiftly!


24 02 2009

that is so wonderful that you can all share it like that. i remember the first time i heard erics heart beat it was just so amazing. I’m so happy for you guys.

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