Happy Australia Day!

26 01 2009


australia-day-5Our Australia Day celebration was a blast. Jenn made her delicious pumpkin soup which she normally only makes once a year and Mike and Ariane brought a yummy brownie trifle for dessert. The trifle was heavy, but we couldn’t tell exactly how much it weighed because the only scale in the house is a food scale that only goes up to seven pounds and it was more than that. While Jenn and I were finishing up dinner Ariane had a good time photographing Grant and Tanner in front of the Australian flag in the living room. She has several other photos on her blog. We also played animal wack which the boys always enjoy and lit sparklers (and then quickly ran back inside.)


Grant and Tanner's photo session with Ariane


Grant playing Animal Wack


Tanner taking his turn


Tanner observing his sparkler


Ariane and Jenn with their sparklers


Grant showing off his sparkler


Grant, Ariane and Mike messing around before dessert

— Jared




One response

26 01 2009

Mormor has taken time out to revisit “your blog” site. What a wonderful idea! It has made my day, Tues 27 Jan, day after Australia Day. I just wish you guys were not so far away. – It makes my heart feel good that you and Jennifer are such good parents. I am sure you will be blessed abundantly. – Love you guys so much. Mormor/Mum/Silva

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