Week in Review

25 01 2009

It’s been a busy week

Sunday, January 18

Another snow storm and church was canceled for the second week in a row.

Monday, January 19

Had the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Made french toast for breakfast and spent the afternoon sledding.

Tuesday, January 20

Listened to President Obama’s inauguration while waiting to pick up Grant from Preschool and the watched it on the internet with the boys sitting on my lap. It’ll be interesting to see if they remember watching it.

Finished introducing the Cub Scouts to chess for their belt loop. We had a quick review of how the pieces move and then six games going at once. Two of the older boys played each other, but we had adults to play against all the other cubs. They seemed to have fun, so hopefully it was a good introduction for them.

Wednesday, January 21

Grant and Tanner’s second week of ice skating lessons. Getting everyone out the door in order to get them to the rink in time is a bit of a challenge, but they’re still having a good time.

Thursday, January 22

Tanner’s first dentist appointment. Amazingly, he’s been looking forward to the dentist since Grant came home with a toys and dental floss. I wish we had brought a camera, because it would have been a great shot of him sitting in the dentist’s chair with huge green sun glasses on.

We also had an interesting visit from the HVAC man due to a lack of heat after we got home from the dentist appointment. He found a fully unfolded napkin and an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page from a Lego catalog mysteriously in the furnace’s air filter.

Friday, Janary 23

Nothing to report.

Saturday, January 24

Portsmouth Ward got slaughter by around 40 points by Exeter Ward in the Stake Basketball Tournament. Losing meant we didn’t have to spend the whole day waiting to play again, but it would have been nice if the score was a little closer. We did go out to breakfast at a great little place after the game with about half the players and their families.

Since we were in the area, we also stopped at Highland Hardwoods so I could show Jenn and the boys where most of my wood comes from. It was cold because they had both of the huge doors open on each end and the wind was blowing straight through, but Grant kept asking for pieces of wood to take home and we found that they now have eucalyptus in stock.

Sunday, January 25

Tanner gave his first prayer in Primary. He’s been looking forward to it since he was assigned three weeks ago and he did a great job. When we were home I told him he did a great job and a sad / concerned face he said “But I forgot to say please bless us that we’ll have a safe ride home.” We told him he would just have to remember next time and he was happy again and looking forward to being assigned another prayer.

– Jared




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