Christmas Concert

11 01 2009


The only time I play the sax these days is at Christmas. The year we got to have a whole concert because the boy’s grandmother sent them each a drum, a saxophone, bells, and a harmonica (which we gave them a week later). The boys both found notebooks to use as music books and alternated playing along with their drums and saxophones. It was noisy, but fun and they boys have had a great time with their new instruments.

Every fall their is a large marching band competition at Dover High which is down the road. For the past two years we’ve brought the boys and they enjoy listening to the bands. Since Christmas they have been prettending to be in the marching band whenever they are playing their instruments.

Another related story: The boys don’t wake up with Santa anticipation yet and so instead of rushing downstairs to their stockings on Christmas morning they played in their room for a bit while Jenn and I were in bed listening to them. After a bit we heard Grant pick up his drum and say with glee: “I’m going to play a wake-up song!”

– Jared




2 responses

22 01 2009

I love this picture!

25 01 2009
Jared S

We weren’t sure how the photos of the concert were going to turn out because the boys were doing a lot of moving around. Jenn wanted to get more photos, but Tanner was so busy moving around that she was lucky to get the ones she did.

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