Happy Halloween

31 10 2008

Some highlights from Halloween:

Books are more interesting than candy:

Every year Measured Progress has trick-or-treating at our largest building. With three floors of offices and cubicles the boys get so much candy that we have to bring along extra bags to empty their candy into otherwise they want us to carry their buckets. The boys were just getting started on their second floor when Tanner found a cube lined with books. He set his bucket down and started trying to pull the books out saying he wanted to read. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Tanner was more interested in the books he had found than getting more candy.

Check the sign on the door

After finishing the last floor, Grant and I were a little ahead of Jenn and Tanner on our way to the elevators when Jenn called me back saying that Tanner had gone in the bathroom and needed to pee. Tanner has been potty trained for awhile, but it’s still important to make sure he gets to a bathroom ASAP when he says he needs to go. I quickly gave Jenn the things I was carrying and followed him in. When we came out, Jenn told me that Chris, our IS director who was close by, said “He does that all the time” referring to me. I didn’t understand and gave a confused look, so she pointed to the sign on the door. I had just followed Tanner into the women’s bathroom. In hindsight, I did notice that the bathroom was a little different, but didn’t think much of it because my office is in a different building.

Sharp teeth take care of sticky candy

We came back to the house for dinner before visiting our neighbors. They boys were not allowed to have any candy until after they had eaten their dinner. We had also told them we were going to get rid of the candy that was the worst for their teeth. While the I was waiting for the boys to finish their dinner I started going through their candy and throwing out the Butterfingers, Milk Duds and other candies that can really get stuck in their teeth. Tanner tried to persuade me to let him eat all of his candy by opening his mouth wide, pointing to his teeth and saying “See my teeth teeth dad? They’re very sharp and cut right through them.”

Great neighbors

Growing up I can remember thinking that apartments and condos must be an awful way to live. That idea probably came from growing up in a big old New England farmhouse with land, a pond and woods to explore and play in. Living in a group of ten row houses has completely changed my opinion. We have never had a single trick-or-treater in the five years we lived in our current home, but every year our neighbors have special treats waiting for Grant and Tanner. Some invite the boys in, at least a couple take pictures of their costumes, and everyone makes a big deal out of their visit. One couple who wasn’t going to be home left a paper back with Grant and Tanner’s name on it with treats inside.

I’m sure that not every group of row houses has the same type of community, but this one is really special. Our next door neighbor always brings gifts back for the boys when she travels and gets them birthday and Christmas presents. Her last trip was to New Mexico and she brought back an indian head dress and bow and arrow set. Another neighbor will sit down in the parking area and read to the boys when they bring their books out and ask her to read to them. One of our other neighbors lets them do whatever they want to him. One day I came home and Grant and Tanner were using him as their dump truck. They had their toy front loaders and were scooping up piles of dirt and pooring it down his shirt while he sat on the steps. Another woman who likes to scrapbook has taken pictures of the boys and made a little scapbook for them. Those are just a few of the great memories that we’ve had in this little community. I’m sure we’ll live in other great neighborhoods, at least I hope we will, but I doubt we’ll find another place that cares as much as this one.

Finally we took a drive over to Ken and Jen Perkes for the boys to trick-or-treat their and so we could check out their new place. It’s in a renovated mill building and it is beautiful. It’s the first mill turned apartment building that actually has a nice entrance. The whole place was done really well. They say that the view of the river is beautiful too, but all we could do was hear it. I have to say that I’m a sucker for exposed brick and the Perkes have plenty of it in their new apartment.

Happy Halloween!

— Jared




One response

2 11 2008
Mike and Ariane

Looks like the boys will have long careers in public service! They love those uniforms! 🙂 Happy Halloween!

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