Grant’s First Day of Preschool

26 10 2008

Tuesday, October 14 was Grant’s first day of preschool. It was more difficult than we had thought to find a preschool and get him enrolled. He was supposed to start on October 2, but everyone was sick and we didn’t want Grant to start school by getting his classmates sick. We took him for a couple visits to introduce him to his new school and he was very shy both times. I was a little worried that his first day might be a little rough, but when we got there he went in, sat near the carpet that the rest of the class was sitting on and never even looked back when I said goodbye.

His school is on the way to work, so I drop him off on my way in and pick him up on my way home for lunch. I couldn’t wait to pick him up and hear how his day was. When I got there he was quietly waiting and his teacher, Miss Alicia, said he had a very good first day and that he had played with the other kids and had a good time. Once we got outside, he gave me a fairly detailed description of his day, but when we got home he wasn’t interested in giving his report again, so I had to tell Jennie and Tanner.

Tanner was not happy at all to be left at home. He really had a good time on the visit to Grant’s school and keeps asking when he gets to go to school. He had a good time going for a walk with Jenn and seems happy to have some one on one time with her while Grant is at school.

It is a little bit crazy to think that next September Grant and Tanner will both be at school and for the next fourteen years will only be home full-time during vacations and between school years. It just illustrates that each phase of child’s life only lasts a bit, so enjoy it.

— Jared




4 responses

26 10 2008
Ken & Jen

Classic Grant photo! Full of life, energy and adventure!

So, did Jenn cry?

26 10 2008
Jared S

Jenn didn’t cry. She says she was a bit teary, but she was busy dealing with Tanner being unhappy about not getting to go to school too.

26 10 2008
Mike and Ariane

Wow, Grant looks so big in this photo. He is total big boy!

27 10 2008

Well, I hope I am doing this right. I loved it! I miss you guys so much and I love it when they call me Mormor. – Yes, time passes on and pays no respect to our feelings. I hope I can print these blogs out and make a folder of them. Such a great idea, Jared. Thank you.

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