Show Boat

12 10 2008

Jenn has always loved the movie Show Boat so when she read that our friends Mike and Ariane had gone to see the musical on their blog, she arranged for Kelsie to babysit and got tickets. When Jenn checked with Kelsie’s Mom, Pam, she mentioned that she’s love that show so we arranged for her to go with us.

The play was at the North Shore Music Theatre which is just about an hour south in Beverly, MA. It was the first circular theatre I’ve been in. The stage is round and all the seats are in circles around it with one aisle being a submerged hallway to backstage. The center of the stage was a round platform that was level with the rest of the stage most of the time but could be raised as a prop or lowered for scene changes. There were a couple square sections of the stage on either side of the center platform that could be used the same way. It was interesting to see how the center was used and how fast they facilitated scene changes. The orchestra pit seemed to be almost completely covered by the stage instead of being out in front. Only the conductor was visible.

The play itself was very good. I had never seen the movie or the play, so the story was new to me. The actors and actresses were excellent and the singing, especially Joe singing Ol’ Man River, was great. It is a show I wouldn’t mind seeing again and Pam filled us in on some of the differences she’s seen in other stage versions, so it would be interesting to see at a different theatre.

— Jared




2 responses

13 10 2008
Mike and Ariane

Glad you got to see the play! It was good! 🙂

14 10 2008
Jared S

Thanks for writing about it so we could.

– Jared

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