Milling Workbench Lumber

30 09 2008

On Saturday I was able to make some progress on the lumber. The shop had to be rearranged to accommodate work on the large pieces that will make up the laminated top. I was worried about the 2″ x 4″ pieces bowing in the middle of the 8 foot length while being planed to their final dimensions, so I suspended the largest one between the two shelves that have been my bench up to this point. Once about half bench top has been glued together, I’ll start using that.

I spent about three hours flattening that board with a toothed blade. The toothed blade took off some serious material once I got the planed adjusted right, but at 8 1/2 feet long and over 9 inches wide, it’s going to take awhile to get this thing flat.

Grant and Tanner both wanted to help:





Probably the most impressive part of Saturday’s work was the new 1/2″ Wood Slicer bandsaw blade from Highland Woodworking. I usually use blades from our local Woodcraft, but this blade went through the hard maple without any problem. I never had to reduce the feed rate for the saw to keep up.

My bandsaw’s stock fence was another story. On the first board, it slipped so much that it almost ruined the board. I had to use a clamp to keep it in place for all the other cuts. Looks like it’s time for an aftermarket fence.

In the hour between dinner and getting the boys ready for bed, Jenn and I were able to cut three pieces for the top to their rough dimensions. Each board was cut on all four sides and with the end result being so much smaller than what we started with, it felt a bit anticlimactic to see the end result. The boards do look like something that could be used in a workbench top as opposed to the rough lumber we started with.

Taking a break to read Stop that Ball!

Taking a break to read Stop that Ball!

— Jared




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