Bench Screws and Handles

25 09 2008

When I arrived home from class last night two good sized rectangular boxes were waiting for me on the dining  room table. My bench screws had arrived from Joe at These things are amazing. They are beautiful and absolutely solid. The Lie-Nielsen maple and cherry handles fit perfectly as well.

Bench Screws and Handles

Joe’s bench screws are normally made from ash, but he will use customer supplied wood, so on August 14th I sent two pieces of roughly 4 x 4 x 26 pieces of hard maple for the screws and two pieces of 4 x 4 x 8 for the nuts cut from this 16/4 beam:

The rest of the stock will be the chop for the face vise. The pictures say a lot, but Joe’s work is absolutely top quality. The screws came from a substantial piece of maple and you can feel how solid they are when you hold them.

I wish my bench was further along so I could install the screws and actually use the vise.

— Jared




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