“I have no idea how to get married”

11 09 2008

On the ride home after class last night, I told Jenn and the boys about two students who gave speeches on being in car accidents. The unique part was that the girl was the driver in both accidents and the guy was the passenger. In the first accident the girl had three bulging discs and the guy got a bloody nose and a scratched cornea. The second accident resulted in a fractured vertebrae and six months in a hard neck collar for the guy.

After retelling their stories, Jenn told the boys that those were examples of why you have to be careful driving. Grant promptly said “I have no idea how to drive” and a conversation followed about learning how to drive, driving safely and the comparative safe driving habits of Jenn and myself.

In a very serious voice, Tanner then stated “I have no idea how to get married!” Jenn assured him that when he was older and had met the right person, “we would talk about it” and that seemed to satisfy him.

— Jared




One response

25 09 2008
Mike and Ariane

Great stories. Love hearing the boys comments. Never a dull moment in the Simms’ home. So glad you’ve joined the word of blogging. Check out blurb.com, you can see how to make your blog into a book. Then you can feel good about blogging knowing you are fulfilling that commandment to keep a record! 🙂

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